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Top 8 Best Soil Test Kits Review 2021

Are you worried about wasting money on crops and plants which don’t grow or die before they have even begun? Are you looking for the best garden soil? As a farmer, you understand how necessary it is to have good soil. Useful output always requires ensuring the plants have the correct pH level.

The pH-levels on your land can differ based on what they produce. Many plants prefer more acidic soils, while others need simple formulations of property. For this, you need the best soil kit test for your land. The usage of a soil test kit is a smart way to ensure the ground is right for your plants.

The correct soil test kits should remind you of what you do in your soil as well as what it requires to change. I have lots of knowledge about how to check the dirt, what to do, and others. And during this sense, I will describe in-depth all the various forms of best soil test kits.

Top 8 Best Soil Test Kits

1 Atree Soil 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kit

organic garden soil


This device can tests pH, moisture in the air, and sunlight. That is not stylish, nor possible despite its high degree of information to gain any prizes. It performs, and it does just what it’s supposed to do. This is an exceptional, simple tool for those wanting to test their pH level of the soil periodically. The sunlight detector on this model located at the device’s top middle and this is a beautiful location. I consider a sensor with sunlight at the top of the panel more precise. But as a simple pH user, you can’t beat it for the cost. READ MORE >>

Key features: 

  • It has 3-in-1 functions. You will determine the density of water, the pH, and the strength of sunlight. You can Plant seeds, plants, and having them grow excellent and significant.
  • The responsive probe may sense soil changes and pass information to the operator, showing them the exact values.
  • It is effortless to use. Just place the tests around 4-6 inches into the soil, and you will get the reading very quickly.
  • Using this test kit, you will know when to spray, alter pH or modify the sunlight to your gardens, including indoor and outdoor plants both.
  • You do not need electricity or batteries in this kit, plugin, and read. 


  • The reading is quite fast, and flipping among tests is quick.
  • This model comes with three features for research, offering you greater bang for your dollar.
  • The product’s longevity is a bit of a failure. It doesn’t stay tightly together.

2. 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH

best garden soil


This tool is like the 3-way tester and one of the best soil test kit ever.  It is another pH, moisture, and light tester in-ground. The visual pH ideal of the meter set too high with a soil pH of 7-8 as “optimal” if you want to reach a pH of 6-7 for most plant production. It is best for organic garden soil. It also offers you a fair indicator of the acidity or alkalinity of your soil with a cheap pH meter. Like the one on our chart above, and the sunlight sensor is uncommonly placed. But where this system excels is at the indicator of moisture. It also helps to ensure the plants have the correct amount of moisture, not too damp or cold. READ MORE >>

Key features: 

  • If we inject the meter measurement into the land to the remaining outsider of around 10 mm, turn to the environment you choose to calculate. 
  • It has interpret the scale. For example, using the MOIST, level of 1-3 (red parts) implies irrigation, 4-7 (green parts) implies ideal, 8-10 (blue sections) means too damp.
  • The register of moisture readings on a scale of 0 (dry) to 10 (wet), light readings varying from 0 (dark) to 2000 (warm) and pH readings between pH 3.5 (acidic) and pH 8 (alkaline)


  • It is scientifically accurate and quick to read amounts of moisture, ph, and light that support healthy plants.
  • It will let us know the soil when to drink, test the PH level, and decide if the plant gets enough light.
  • The product’s longevity is a bit of a lack; this doesn’t stay solidly together.

3. XLUX T10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

best home garden soil test kit


This material focus on measuring the moisture in our soil. It’s necessary to keep the device’s probes clean. Any foreign material will skew the readings on the examinations.  It is one of the best garden soil test kit. The XLUX sensor configuration is somewhat different, as it uses a full dial for readings. Great for consumers needing a more prominent display. READ MORE >>

Key features: 

  • An excellent advantage of this system is, it comes with an 18-month guarantee. A promise is something that you don’t find in several soil check sets, and it’s a significant plus.
  • With Big knob, like ten sizes, it is simple to scan, Connect, and Write.
  • It has a single application, so it affects the roots less, during the check, it doesn’t cough up that much dirt.
  • But if the soil is too rough and dry, quick to hurt the probes, we cannot use it to check the water and contact the stone or stony rock soil. 
  • We cannot use it in the liquid examination. It’s planned only for soil testing. Then after applying, we need to scrub the exam clean.


  • It comes with a significant guarantee duration as well, something that is unusual for soil kits.
  • It doesn’t necessitate batteries. We will inject the samples into the soil around 3-4 inches, and it will give us the perfect reading method for outdoor and indoor plants to help plants develop safe and solid
  • It has a large dial, which makes the measurements more natural to understand.
  • The price of this device is far higher than with other apps you’ll find on some.

4. Luster Leaf 1605 Digital Soil Test Kit for pH, N, P and K

best garden soil test kit


The 1605 Rapitest Soil Test Kit includes chemical NPK Macronutrient monitoring with a wireless reader to check pH. The wireless reader is a godsend for individuals who consider the shook chemical kits challenging to learn. It is a perfect alternative for a modern gardener, even for an old hand who avoids Icolor matching to a poorly drawn map. Using this we can find the best soil for plants. As this is one of the best soil test kits, so if we push the test button, we can get results in a few seconds. The pH choice list of the booklet helps you to pick plants for the pH of your soil or know how often to change the pH of your new plants to the ground. READ MORE >>

Key features:

  • There are pH references included for more than 450 plants, so this package will undoubtedly come in handy for whatever you produce.
  • By recognizing slight differences in colour, this device built to teach us far more about the soil than the human eye will ever see.
  • This Luster Leaf soil tester utilizes advanced LED technologies to perform 25 separate samples, including 10 for pH and 5 for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash each.
  • The booklet includes nitrogen, phosphorus- and potash-based fertilizer recommendations.


  • This product is really user friendly and accurate.
  • It provides 25 different pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash studies.
  • It has reference protocols on pH, covering over 450 plants, are included.
  • Test capsules can be hard to get rid of it.
  • The Lids can quickly fall off.

5. Sonkir Soil pH Meter MS02

best soil for plants


This Sonkir soil testing package has multiple check capabilities. It’s perfect to use anytime you need to learn your soil’s pH rate, water quality, and amount of sunshine. If anyone looking for a professional soil test kit, then this will be the best option. Aims the best soil test kit for lawns. This product uses a needle to represent the volume, and usage is quite reliable. Another fantastic is the Sonkir soil test pack since it doesn’t require any batteries. The system operates entirely based on its probes, so keeping those clean and away from any damage is essential. READ MORE >>

Key Features:

  • It is 3-in-1 feature check soil moisture, pH value, and plant sunlight intensity. 
  • It has Double-needle Detector Technology significantly improves the speed and quality of soil moisture measurement and pH acidity research.
  • It’s quite easy to use, no batteries used, insert the sensor probe in the soil around 2-4 inches, turn moisture check level, pH, sunlight you want to calculate
  • A suitable field-testing tool kit for home plants, greenhouse, lawn, and livestock.


  • The needle provides a simple image of a substance’s percentages in the soil.
  • needs no batteries, and it saves our more cash
  • also helps to specialize in grasping when watering the plant is required.
  • has the design to be lightweight and compact, simple to bring around for outdoor usage
  • This soil tester cannot be used in any other liquid to check the pH content, and the indicator does not change if the soil is too warm, so water it until testing.

6. Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit for Soil

professional soil test kit


Luster Leaf Rapitest provides a systematic method for recognizing the soil components. It is the standard chemical kit for our house. For the home garden, it is the best soil test kit. Have to insert a little amount of soil into the box’s tube leg, attach some purified water and the required bottle of materials, and shake it. Let it stay until the colour has wholly grown, then fit the colour chart against it. There are 40 capsules to continue the process along with the tubes, and a dropper. And have a fertilization Map, also. Finally, we’ll get a packet of details for the optimal pH levels of various plants. READ MORE >>

Key Features:

  • It’s pure, and soil pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash at home.
  • Its innovative and cheap soil test package features a quick to use capsule device and patented colour comparators.
  • It contains all of the required components for 40 experiments. 10 For pH, N, P, and K each.
  • It has a soil pH preference list including for more than 450 plants


  • The containers promote organized living.
  • We can test more materials faster.
  • It is Easy, requires detailed instructions and helpful to newcomers, as well as seasoned gardeners.
  • The capsules will cost extra money to refill.

7. Environmental Concepts 1662 Professional Soil Test Kit with 40 Tests.

best soil test kit for lawns


This soil testing kit from Environmental Concepts comes with everything that we need to test for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. It has 40 samples, each of which contains 10. It is a package based on liquids which deliver accurate results. For this reason, this kit is one of the best soil test kit. All comes bundled in a sturdy carrying case, and it’s simple to hold all the essential parts intact, and you’re ready for any check. It has specific instructions contained along with a reference guide that explains the pH criteria for hundreds of plants. And planting advice on how to fix any imperfections in the soil. READ MORE >>

Key Features:

  • It contains 40 research components. Ten each pH, N, P, and K for the Soil.
  • It comes with a solid plastic case.
  • It is simple, detailed, and includes all instructions.
  • This has a pH choice chart used for hundreds of plants.
  • This has Gardening Techniques and surface improvements, including.


  • This test measures not only pH but also nitrogen, potassium, and potash.
  • It contains 40 measurements in total.
  • The liquid-based test is simple to perform and provides accurate tests.
  • The process of testing is quite complicated.

8. Dr.Meter S10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter, Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for Garden

best soil test kit reviews


Dr.meter Indoor or Outdoor Moisture Monitor measures the amounts of moisture in parks, lawns, land and uses the Moisture Meter to test the state of the plants quickly. The meter will inform us soon if the plant is going fine, whether it’s dry and needs water or damp, and might use a day to dry out. When it comes to the organic garden soil, this kit will be the best. There should once ever be watering the plants over or under it. It is easy to use, it saves water, and it saves energy. The Moisture Meter has an 8-inch stem of metal that penetrates to root point and no batteries or electricity required. READ MORE >>

Key Features:

  • This device is advanced, and it’s not tricky. With an interface utilizing ten scales and a color-coded reading method from red, green to blue, the soil moisture has never been simpler to learn. 
  • It doesn’t require batteries or power, so we can plugin and learn in no time.
  • It has Keeping roots intact during readings; when it takes readings, we don’t have to dig up too much soil or disturb sensitive roots, so your plants can stay healthy.
  •  This Soil Moisture Meter used for non-Water Moisture Monitoring of the Soil. Measure the humidity level of the soil by actually plugging in the probe.


  • quick to recognize amounts of moisture across ten scales
  • doesn’t need batteries or electricity, plug, and read.
  • has a Compact and portable design for indoor or outdoor use.
  • This Moisture Meter will do great in any soil situation.
  • It must stay away from rocks and rocky soil so as not to damage it.

Buying guide for the best soil test kit

Usage purposes: When you’re involved in getting your garden’s most exceptional soil check package, it’s needed that you’re taking great pleasure in your garden and yard. We all want the best soil test kits for our garden. Well, you want to get the highest possible feel, healthiest garden, and houseplants. Investing in a research package on the soil will help you achieve precisely that. You want to ensure that plants get the requisite nutrients together with adequate light and moisture.

It is essential to check your soil before you start gardening. First, to know what you are dealing with in this fact. So, you may change it to fit the needs of what you want to develop. By checking, you won’t know if the base soil is just perfect and ready to go, or whether it would take a lot of mixing with other ingredients to boost it to be good enough.

Effectiveness of the products: Many various evaluation kits are available on the market. Some calculate a small number of proteins, while others broaden the assessed nutrients. The best package for you would focus on just what you choose to figure, and how precise you are. You would also need to define a few other considerations before settling on a suitable soil test package.

A high-quality research package should also be able to tell you which plants in the soil you have should grow better. Your land and position could be better suited to very different plants based on your environment.

Price: different people have different financial status. Everyone cannot effort all the luxury test kits for their garden. But if you are thinking about natural and budget-friendly test kits, you will choose from this best soil test kits list. The main target is to find the best soil test kit at a reasonable price.

And additionally, if you are searching for a free soil check, there are a variety of choices. Many farming schools provide free test scores as a way of educating their students in the art of soil science.

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FAQ for the best soil kits

When should you test your soil?

The right time to test the soil depends on the plants that you cultivate. Similar plants grow in various seasons. The perfect time to check the land is in the spring before you plant your crops. Even rechecking the soil is a smart idea while you’re planning the garden beds in fall. You should also check the ground as the weather varies at your crop.

Heavy rainfall, lengthy droughts, cold freezes, and heat waves all play a big part in the safety of the soil. Eventually, perform soil testing every four months or so on your crop. It is enough time to switch in or out of the various animals and insects around the field. Their existence often impacts the quality of the soil, and so often check it.

How does a soil tester search for test kits?

Temperature tests: A quick reading of temperature is a beautiful thing to have in your tester, too. Measuring the heat of the soil should let you know what is to grow and how. Specific crops need various temperatures to take root, so it is essential that you first measure the temperature of the soil.

Assure that it is assessed at the bottom of the field and not only at the top. Your packaging of seeds should help you figure out which temperature is better for what individual plants.

Readings on Conductivity: You do want to be sure that your tester can check the conductivity of your soil and can test in two ways. The TDS is the cumulative dissolved solids, which will determine how much nitrogen you already have in your land.

Tests of electrical conductivity can calculate the sum of nutrients found in your soil. Knowing these rates will let you know what’s in your soil and so you’ll be able to determine how much fertilizer you need.

pH Results: A pH testing is one feature that is a must-have in a soil tester. The most crucial element to check the soil for is pH. Your pH levels will be in the range of one to fourteen with neutral pH at seven. If the degree is below seven, then you have acidic soil. 

You will then provide the optimal amount of nutrients for your plants by understanding the soil pH. Everything over seven will be alkaline dust. Very acidic soil would prevent the substances in the fertilizer from reaching the plants.

How to use a soil test kit?

A soil tester may use in several different forms based on the variety you have. Relation to other studies, samples need a few setups. You have to start with having the right materials. These include a clean trowel, a container, and also need distilled water when using a testing kit that mixes substances.

You need to take the correct sample and execute the check accurately. It is essential to take special care and work out what you need to attach or delete from your plants. When the samples have collected, close analysis of the findings is essential. The most important thing to note here is that in the specified period, you need to read out the illustration. In this way, you can use a soil kit.

Are there different soil tester forms?

There are some different forms of soil testers out there, and they’ll offer various measurement variations. You shouldn’t have a hard time locating an inexpensive meter when you want to check the pH. A right quality package would give you the correct amount of equipment for only one tool to execute multiple tasks.

It will be a durable package that comes with guidance on how to perform all the research. When you are unable to locate a tester that tests what you are searching for, you should consult a doctor to see what kits would fit for you. 

You may also purchase meters that calculate the rates of humidity as well as light. If you calculate conductivity and pH, you will find several options that combine these effects. Tests may also identify that will test EC and TDS.

Why do you look after the soil testers?

From the best soil test kit reviews, we know their problem with soil test kits. When you use the best soil test kit for your garden, this is very important to take care of it. To ensure reliable and correct readings taken from your soil tester, make sure it tested correctly, and it can still function properly. With your check, it is essential to use the appropriate calibration method and to ensure that it is a wash and stored correctly.

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Final word

The usage of the best soil test kit package is one of the easiest ways to remove the planting guesswork. People think that taking care of crops and soil is difficult, so it’s interesting seeing what they need. The easiest way to start a garden is to take a soil check or to maintain an existing one flourishing.

It only takes a little bit of time for the plants to make a significant improvement. If you’re interested in ensuring sure your plants and garden have the best soil possible, this is the right option for you.

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