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To Give Your Greens Some Shine And Glow, Bring Home The Best Fertilizer Spreaders!

Many a time, I’ve seen my friends frustrating over a dull-looking, lifeless lawn. Are you one of them too? Maybe only the best fertilizer spreaders can help you with this overwhelming situation.

If you are passionate about gardening and landscaping, no matter whether it is a large estate garden, a medium lawn, or a balcony garden, it is evident that it has a very significant role to play in your life. But for maintaining a healthy garden, you have a considerable role to play as well. 

And you can start contributing to building a beautiful natural scenario adjacent to your home right away with these fantastic listed products. For optimum growth of your garden, the best solution is fertilizing it within early spring or spring. 

However, roaming around the whole area and spreading handful granules throughout it can be one tough job. Why struggle when you can ensure consistent dispersion of pellets with a lot fewer efforts and only a bit of investment?


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How were these products chosen? best fertilizer spreaders

The following listed products are among the best in the market for the respective jobs. Starting from considerable landscapes to the smaller patio garden, you will get the best fertilizer spreaders for all conditions. Again, beginning with the best commercial fertilizer spreader to a cheap fertilizer spreader, all the products according to different individual demands have been reviewed here after hours and hours of expert analysis.

So, if you are ready to bring your garden back to life, take this small ride with us and know better what you need! In a rush? Here you go!

1. Portable Chest-mount Spreader with Comfortable Cross-shoulder

organic garden fertilizer


If you own a small yard garden, then a lightweight yet multifunctional spreader is what you need. Solo 421 is just what you might require!

The chest-mounted system comes with an enclosed gearbox with a functional and quality agitator. So, that’s a durability check for sure!

Precise control might always be an issue with such spreaders. But not with this one! The user will be in total directional control with three primary settings, and with each crank handle turn, the volume of distribution is to be maintained as well.

For ensuring a mess-free pouring of the chemicals into the machine, the broad opening is a useful addition. 

To make every application convenient for the operator, the well-lubricated gears along with the agitator works like magic. And again for safety, the reservoir comes with a screw-on cap. So, if you are worried about chemical leaking, then this will be a great relief for you!

And what about the comfortable use of the machine? Yes, to ensure total user comfort and flexibility, the spreader comes with cross-shoulder straps. 

If you are a novice, then for an even consistency in every spread, easy maneuverability, and smoother operation, this can become your favorite companion for gardening. READ MORE >>


  • Corrosion-resistant agitator
  • Better controlling fingertip levers
  • Cross-shoulder strap 
  • Wider opening
  • Smoother operating lubricant gears
  • Convenient screw-on cap
  • Helpful crank handle


  • Easy to control
  • Portable machine
  • Even spreading
  • Lightweight
  • User protection maintained
  • Comfortable handling
  • No-spillage, no risk
  • Meets different application demands
  • Durable design
  • The volume capacity may not be sufficient.

2. Earthway Products 2750 Hand Crank Bag Seeder/Spreader

lawn fertilizer spreader


With an appreciated capacity of 20 pounds and durable construction, you are sure to love the Earthway Products 2750!

Are you looking for a spreader with multiple usages? With this one, you can spread seed, fertilizer, and so on most naturally. And the nylon construction offers long-lasting usage along with excellent resistance against wear, tear, and even rotting.

When you are looking after your lawn for hours at once, you need comfort and relaxation during operation. And to maintain it, the spreader comes with an extended ergonomic crank handle for more natural yet accurate control.

The thoughtful manufacturers have also designed the contoured base and included comfortable shoulder straps to the bag so that you can handle it for hours without any fatigue. 

So, if you want to the best part of this gadget, then indeed, it is a must to mention the exclusive rocking agitator mechanism that delivers even distribution across the whole are. Another exciting feature would be the adjustable spread width. Yes, with the functional and speedy direct-drive gear, by merely adjusting the crank rate, you can control the girth as well! Isn’t it great?

For 100% directional control and smooth operation, it includes the simple spring shut-off. No wonder why this hand-operated spreader has become the top choice among both professionals and beginners in gardening! READ MORE >>


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Easy spreading 
  • Tear and rotting resistant
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Nylon construction
  • Flexible shoulder strap 
  • Spring shut-off
  • Unique rocking agitator


  • Rustproof material
  • Durable
  • Easy storage
  • Good fitting
  • Comfortable operability
  • Even spreading
  • Adjustable spread width
  • Fantastic 5-years warranty
  • Clogging may be an issue.

3. Fasmov Adjustable Handheld Spreader

best commercial fertilizer spreader


Well, you don’t need excess capacity spreaders to handle your smaller gardens or lawns. But what you do need is efficient, and ease of use and the Fasmov handheld spreader offers you that. Take a closer look!

Storage, operation, and even the budget can be a big issue while you consider having an excellent quality spreader. To begin with this compact tool, it comes with two in a pack. That means, if you are facing issues with one, you can quickly switch to another one.

For reducing hand fatigue and strains, it offers a more comfortable grip. Now, you don’t have to be a professional to work with this one!

In this rigid solution, you are even getting an adjustable opening that works well for different types of materials, especially melting products.

For comprehending the amount and ensuring a perfect mixture, the visible grade marks on the body of the container are of good use. And with the durable material, you can fill them with any elements starting from salt to fertilizer and expect the best results!

After being done with the fancy design of similar products and storage issues, then here it comes with the most uncomplicated style and highly efficient unit. And the storage? Simply store it in the kitchen cabinet and under the sink in even the tightest places. 

So, if you are looking for something in the budget for your small lawn or balcony garden, then you know what to get, right? READ MORE >>


  • Pack contains two spreaders
  • Better grip
  • Adjustable opening 
  • Handheld comfortable usage
  • Measurement grading on the container body
  • Simple design
  • Multidimensional uses


  • Compact design
  • In-budget
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable handling
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient maneuverability
  • Versatile
  • Leakage proof
  • Not Ideal for broader areas

4. Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

electric fertilizer spreader


Do you own a large estate for cultivation and probably searching for a tractor compatible spreader with high proficiency? Then the Agri-Fab is something you will want to have right away.

With an unbelievable 130lbs capacity, this commercial-grade machine does not provide less for controlling facilities. And how is that? Let me briefly state its mechanism.

So, when you attach the hopper to your tractor or similar vehicle, the unit starts moving immediately along with the tractor. With precise movements, the driveshaft is involved with the dispersion disk spinning, located below the hopper. Now the hopper is designed with such precision that delivers slow and steady spreading of granular fertilizers. And voila! You’ll get the gadget to work like a self-propelled fertilizer spreader.

The large, pneumatic tires offer effortless movement along any rough or rocky terrain. Well, a new advantage is that it even supports dry running.

But will it fit your tractor? The universal hitch offers flexibility and rigid fitting to any tractor! The handy rod linked on-off works superbly!

Wait up! That’s not all! This unit comes along with a deflector, hopper grate, and an optional cover as well. So, just sit back and relax now that you have the perfect gadget for your farm. READ MORE >>


  • Ease of control
  • Tapered gears offering even spreading
  • Durability check with an enclosed gearbox
  • Additional items included 
  • Wider pneumatic tires
  • Universal hitch
  • Rustproof hopper construction


  • Covers larger areas
  • Spillage prevention
  • Smoother flow
  • Blocking resistant design
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Universal fit to all tractors
  • Large wheels for stable transportation
  • Works great on rough terrains as well
  • Standard 3-year warranty
  • Does not support handheld spreading

5. Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

motorized fertilizer spreader


For versatile use on different sized lands, the Scotts Turf Classic may work like magic!

The highly appreciated property of this one is its coverage area. Yes, this product comes with a large enough hopper that holds sufficient fertilizers to spread across a land of ten thousand square feet in a go. That’s some outstanding coverage!

To work on the toughest terrains, it even features large air-filled wheels for smooth transportation without disrupting even distribution. This turf builder ensures consistency in fertilizer spreading by it’s effective 22-inches spread pattern. Now rapid action in the least time and effort isn’t a wish anymore!

Even in this modern age, most gardeners prefer manual operation. And hence to make it easier, the machine offers a simple trigger pull that winds the plastic spreaders for fertilizer dispersion at a regular interval.

The hopper is pre-calibrated as well. But will it last long? It has a sturdy heavy-duty steel frame that resists harsh weather conditions as well as protects against rusting. 

Hence, if you need a little more than a chest-mounted system for multipurpose use, including ice melt, lawn seed, and fertilizer dispersion, then this is the right choice for you! READ MORE >>


  • Better coverage
  • Maximum stability 
  • Completely assembled
  • The spread pattern of 22-inches
  • Pre-calibrated offering less hassle
  • Larger diameter wheels


  • Ready for action
  • Stable movement
  • Extended usage
  • Great area coverage
  • Even application
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Accuracy in work
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Not an ideal choice for smaller areas

6. Professional 40lb Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader

grass fertilizer spreader


Are you a professional in gardening and landscaping? Do you need a commercial-grade crank-spreader? Take a look at the Earthway 3100 right away!

There’s no doubt that Earthway has a great understanding of the best features for a grass fertilizer spreader. And now it is rose to a professional level with this one. To begin with, the simple rustproof construction of the spreader is incomparable. 

Yes, it is a compact tool, but that doesn’t affect its efficiency. It can carry up to 40 pounds of fertilizers and similar products that can cover an approximate area of 30000 sq. Feet. How great is that?

Simply put on the system, turn up the convenient crank handle, and the gadget will slowly and precisely disperse the granules. With the powder-coated chassis, you can unhesitatingly rely on the sturdiness of the device.

Sometimes, users can get baffled with fancy switches on the machines. And to relieve you of this stress, the machine gearbox comes with a simple shut-off switch. Simple yet functional!

But walking around with such a load, won’t it be painstaking? For this, the comfortable harness ergonomically designed. 

I almost forgot about its superior technology! The exclusive EVN technology opts for a regular distribution of granules for the maximum betterment of your land. 

And to keep you protected, it includes an additional rain cover too. Work vigorously but with safety! READ MORE >>


  • Commercial-grade spreader
  • Rustproof design 
  • Durable gearbox
  • Advanced dual-port shut-off
  • Included rain cover
  • EVN-Spread technology 
  • Attached driveshaft
  • Adjustable handle


  • Easy storing
  • Comfortable operating
  • Precise distribution
  • Compact structure
  • Sturdy frame
  • Prevents clumping
  • Usable in any condition
  • Ensures easy maneuverability
  • No included warranties

7. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader

best lawn fertilizer spreader


With some advanced technology and maneuverability consideration, the new Scotts Turf mini broadcast is bound to be listed among the best lawn fertilizer spreaders.

It is better not to expect loads from modern machines, but for this one, you might get more than expected. It works great with a variety of fertilizer products, including salting. But the quality is always up to the mark.

The exclusive EdgeGuard technology ensures you do not cause trouble to others or harm nature. Hence, this system keeps away the chemicals from sidewalks, attached landscapes, and driveways.

While you bring this beauty home, you do not have to spend extra time on the assembly or calibration. Yes, the gadget comes fully assembled and pre-calibrated. For the convenience of the operator, it features a fold-down adjustable handle. May it be the maneuverability or storage, it offers effortlessness in both.

Now you can spread on an approximate land area of 5000 square feet on one go with this easily portable lawn gadget.

Are you worried about accuracy inland coverage? Then let me diminish your worries in a second. This has an outstanding control panel that provides accurate rate settings for finesse in every application!

The ultimate reliable product for keeping your chemicals away from non-lawn areas with the precision distribution of granules is nowhere! So, what are you waiting for? READ MORE >>


  • Superior outcomes
  • Advanced EdgeGuard technology 
  • Comes with total assembly
  • Pre-calibrated 
  • Foldable handle 
  • Precision settings 


  • Efficient performance
  • Easy to store
  • Flexible maneuverability
  • Accuracy in work
  • Compact design
  • Multiple uses
  • It treats smaller areas effectively.
  • Technical issues

8. Spot Spreader Hand Spreader Shaker

self propelled fertilizer spreader


A lightweight hand spreader is here for your balcony garden and small yards. The Spot spreader is going to be your absolute favorite from now on!

Are you a novice home gardener, then this handy tool will make you fall in love with your gardening for sure. Firstly, it has a convenient screw cap with changeable spreading settings that allow you to apply different materials to your yard.

It gives you three different options for easy pouring of large salt granules, fertilizers, and even products like the de-icer. 

Don’t just fall for its exquisite looks but also have a close look at its comfortable ergonomic handle that ensures the prevention of hand strains. And the professional graded materials that are used to manufacture it give you a guaranteed durability check.

Want to salt the walkways but afraid of over spraying? Then this magnificent tool with its effective design will ensure it’s not more or less than your needs. 

Even though it is a suitable tool for only home use or on smaller lands, yet it comes with a capacity of 80-oz, which sounds enough for home gardening. With a beautiful exterior, it will make a classy position in your garden, and with its commercial quality, it will support you for years and years to come! READ MORE >>


  • Convenient screw-top container
  • Strong handle
  • Adjustable openings
  • Even spraying
  • Durable design 
  • Commercial grade material


  • Easy operability
  • Simple handling
  • Long-lasting
  • Works amazingly for different sized elements
  • Extended usage
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Convenient portability
  • Handheld
  • Excellent service life
  • Not ideal for larger areas

9. Commercial 50lb Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

cheap fertilizer spreader


Do you need a commercial spreader but troubled with the huge size? The Earthway 2150 might be the answer!

For even and uniform spreading, this machine has taken into action the amazing EV-N technology. With the triple hole drop shut-off mechanism, ensure the best treatment for your greens.

To offer maximum user convenience, this also avails you with the walk behind styles. If you feel tired and restless quicker, then this design with a 2-position adjustable handle seems like it is made for you!

The common issue with similar products is the quick jamming and clogging of the gearbox. But with the fully enclosed gearbox design; you won’t get more debris inside that’s for sure. Even during damp weather conditions, you would receive the same professional service.

The powder coated frame with diamond chassis makes it last for years. And the pneumatic tires are an absolute helpful addition to move the machine on uneven terrains. 

With such great capacity hopper, you can cover spreading on the whole land in one go. So, no hassle of refilling again and again. Get it before it’s too late! READ MORE >>


  • Exclusive EV-N spread action
  • Walk-behind heavy-duty construction 
  • Efficient totally enclosed gearbox
  • High capacity hopper
  • Adjustable handle
  • Sturdy stud tires
  • Debris screening 


  • Heavy-duty yet compact
  • Handling flexibility
  • Robust frame
  • Ensures uniform dispersion
  • Easy to store
  • Easy operation
  • Portability convenience
  • Reliable
  • Does not include any warranty

10. Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader with EdgeGuard Technology

lawn spreader reviews


A portable battery-operated lawn fertilizer spreader that can be a smart choice for precision fertilizing around your lawn! Yes, I am talking about the Scotts Wizz Hand-held electric fertilizer spreader. Check out the features!

As it is a battery operated machine, you might be thinking about the struggles of poor efficiency. Well let me relief you, the product is powered by 4 AA batteries which deliver a great performance in every use. 

No one can beat this product when it comes to precision in spreading. Wth a 5-feet evenly spreading diameter, and useful 23 settings, it gives you the maximum accuracy in work. And trust me, I’m not exaggerating!

For year-round use for multiple uses in your lawn, it even comes with the EdgeGuard technology that helps to prevent chemical spreading to non-lawn areas. This compact tool may deceive you with its size. But do believe when I say it covers up 2500 square feet area in a go!

From seeding, fertilizing, using melted products and feeding the grass, you can do a lot for your garden. And all this will neither take hours nor sweating labour! READ MORE >>


  • Battery-operated
  • Unique properties 
  • Manufactured with EdgeGuard technology 
  • Good coverage 
  • Compatible with versatile products
  • Multiple settings 


  • Comfortable for seniors with mobility issues
  • Handheld
  • Compact design
  • Works well in smaller to medium spaces
  • Easy storage and usage
  • Unique design
  • Accuracy assurance
  • Keeps away chemicals from adjacent landscapes
  • Fragile plastic housing
  • No included warranties

11. Goplus Broadcast Spreader Builder Fertilizer

organic garden fertilizer


You love gardening and you want the best for your greens, but your mobility issues won’t let you! Try the Goplus broadcast spreader. It will surely act like magic for you and your lawn!

People with movement issues, may have trouble in using the chest-mounted reservoirs or some cart-types of spreader as well. But this convenient walk-behind design will not only ease your movements with it but also make sure your garden is getting absolute care.

The durable, heavy wheels make this portability easy as a piece of cake. No matter if you don’t have enough physical strength, this machine will support you with its maximum capabilities. 

The accurate plant technology makes this machine a distinct choice for you. To ensure even development and flourish of your greens, this works great!

With the sturdy iron frame, you can sit back and relax while you have purchased the gadget. This will last for more years than you have expected and serve you with the same efficiency as new. 

You can store a great amount of products in the large hopper to apply fertilizers and other products for ensured improvement of the greens. For elders, this might become their best buddy in gardening. No backpains, no fatique or strains! How well made can a machine be built!

When offered so much, how can you hesitate to take it home if you have some extra bucks with you? READ MORE >>


  • Walk-behind design
  • Easy navigation
  • Accuracy with exclusive technology 
  • Good hopper capacity
  • Durable framing
  • Robust wheels


  • Ideal to use for beginners to seniors
  • Easy handling
  • Easy assembly
  • Stable and sturdy
  • User-friendly
  • Wheels with better traction
  • Simple design
  • Pricey

Things to know before bringing in a garden gadget home

You need not have a big farm to make use of these exceptional deals. It can prove to be quite useful for your home as well. Investing in a spreader is never a bad idea if you are willing to have a lively garden that you’ll look into every morning, and it will fill with joy!

To suit your different needs, manufacturers have started selling different sized and types of spreaders. These handy tools will not only create your dream garden but also save you precious time in the procedure to a dream come true.

But before you invest your hard-earned bucks into such a product, you need to verify your garden’s needs first. And a few crucial points will help you figure it out. Let’s take a look. Shall we?

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Why do you need a spreader?

Hold on! Before you get to know the different criteria fitting for your desired product, if you are a novice, you are quite unclear about why you need one of these.

If you are probably facing an issue of a dull looking yard, as a gardener, you must want it to brighten up its color with thick, healthy, and green grasses. Right? Now, the fertilizer spreaders ensure an even and accurate dispersion of fertilizer granules throughout the land. 

“Now what do these fertilizers contain?”, many of you may wonder. 

They are a combination of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and all the essential nutrients your garden grass, flowers, and crops need to flourish. Allover, it is a chemically combined package for the betterment of your loving garden.

But there’s more to these tools than just spreading fertilizers. Yes, they can even assist in the distribution of seeds, compost, melted products, de-icer, and so on. I’m sure you’ve already comprehended that from the lawn spreader reviews.

But can’t you do all this with your bare hands? Well, you possibly may. But the problem will kick in when you cannot ensure uniform dispersion of the elements when you suffer from hand fatigue, strains, and, ultimately, a loss of interest in maintaining a glorious garden.

And hence to withdraw all these struggles. Fortunately, you have these fantastic tools to save you time and labor!

So, shall we move to the latter points?

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Let’s know the types and their uses at the beginning.

Now, according to increasing demands, there are mainly three types of fertilizer spreaders –

  • Handheld
  • Broadcast
  • Drop 

Let’s take a better look at these options. And understand the necessity, uses, pros, and cons of each type.

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Handheld spreaders

Suitable for: Smaller gardens

Ease of use: 9/10

Wrong choice for Large areas

If you are a home gardener and love your little garden in the balcony, or plant pots, then yes, this is an excellent choice for you. Having a more constricted gardening space, you will probably need something convenient, compact, yet completely efficient. And these handheld tools can become your buddies in such situations.

These spreaders are easy to maneuver; anyone can use them, lightweight, and even offers precision to feed your little plants.

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Broadcast fertilizer spreaders

Suitable for: Larger lawns

Ease of use: 5/10 (needs a bit of practice)

Wrong choice for Narrow and constricted areas

So how do these machines work? They usually have a larger gearbox with the driveshaft that offers the distribution of granules in a semi-circular or fan-like pattern. 

That means the area coverage of a single spread is a lot more than the actual spreader itself. The advantage of such gadgets would be faster coverage of more areas.

Where to use this?

If you own a more significant estate, a farm, they would be of excellent use. You can also use them on a community landscape or a golf course. Now fertilizing high square feet can be time-consuming as well as a back-breaking job. So, having one of these at hand providing uniform spread will be a lifesaver!

But the issue with these tools is that they cannot work sufficiently in smaller yards or gardens. Yes, they cannot reach the narrow spaces, and hence getting one of them for a little land wouldn’t be a smart choice.

There are also a few types of these products, while you see some of these relying on the manual push and pull, you’ll also come across a few that can be attached to the back of a tractor. 

Does it sound like it can come of great use to you?

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Drop fertilizer spreaders

Suitable for: Small to medium areas, especially rough terrains

Ease of use: 6/10 (frequent use will make it easier)

Wrong choice for Big lawns

Now the price difference between a broadcast spreader and a drop spreader lies in the functionalities.

While a broadcast spreader disperses granules in a fan-like pattern, this one distributes them in a steady dropping mechanism beneath the hopper.

The advantage of this gadget is that it offers maximum precision for the application of the materials. And if your land is a bit rough and rocky, then probably this is an ideal solution.

But the mechanism suggests that you’ll need quite a lot of time to pass the whole field. However, for a petite area, this shouldn’t be a problem. But do not overlap the path, or else you would end up overspreading. Yes, that’s not what you want, right?

These machines come in both tow behind and manual pushing styles. 

Now let’s have a look at the various criteria that’ll help you choose the best one.

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What is the holding capacity?

The capacity sufficient for you depends on the type of garden have. This capacity refers to the total amount of fertilizer of other products the machine can hold and the spreading rate as well.

Now, why is this such an important consideration?  Let me tell you. When you are working vigilantly in your garden, you don’t want to go back and forth to take the hassle of refilling the spreader again and again. 

If you consider more extensive lawns, you might need more significant capacity push behind carts with hoppers to do the task better. These machines have larger wheels so that you can apply the products to your land a bit more comfortably. No matter if you have smoother or rough terrain, these wheeled machines will work great. They usually come in larger capacities exceeding 60 pounds. 

But if you have a medium-sized or a smaller place for gardening, you might settle with the handheld or chest-mounted systems. They come in a lot lesser capacity than the hoppers. 

For medium lawns, 40-50 lbs capacity is enough. But if you have a home garden or one in the balcony, then even 5-10 lbs of capacity will serve you efficiently.

Deciding on the right capacity is significant because it deals with the level of accuracy and finesse in your job.

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Is it durable?

How do you know if such machines are durable? Before you purchase one of these, scrutinize the materials. Also, brand consideration is essential, as well. 

If you can see that your product comprises of filmy components or fragile, low-quality structure, then avoid investing in it. It will more likely get damaged sooner than you think!

When you are into buying hopper models, try getting the ones built with right metal materials with solid construction. It should have some sort of covering to protect against the rages of nature.

And also, don’t forget to check the quality of the wheels. They should be sturdy, rugged, and air-filled large structures to avail easy portability.

Again, if you think you’ll settle for reservoir types, then make sure these are well-made with durable plastic material. Since these are more compact tools; hence, finesse in design is a must. 

If you don’t check the durability, your precious money will just go in vain. Hence, take some time for proper inspection!

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Choose one: Chest-mounted system, broadcast, or handheld

As we have explained earlier, the spreaders come in a variety of configurations. There way of using and application vary as well.

For instance, a hopper type spreader has a reservoir attached or enclosed in a steel case. This works with wheels. As you move the machine, it disperses the granules evenly on the ground.

Again, for chest-mounted units, you’ll likely get the machine attached to your front with flexible straps around your shoulder and even hips. What helps you is the process of application. You’ll get easier access to the granules residing inside the reservoir.

Lastly, if we speak about handheld ones, these units usually have an attached handle for smooth operation. They also have some kind of markings that act as visual guides to assist you in monitoring the amount fed and the process of feeding as well.

So, what kind of machine are you comfortable with?

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Does it spread evenly?

To be honest, the most crucial task of a spreader is to disperse the fertilizers evenly and with precision. Considering larger areas, if your product doesn’t work with accuracy, there might be a high chance that you will end up overspreading in your land. It leads to dangerous possibilities, including burn spots, underdeveloped grass, and even permanent damage to your property. Such a nightmare!

However, the accuracy matters more for smaller properties and home gardens. The narrow and hard to reach areas may make you frustrated over time if you do not see visible improvement even after several applications. 

Thus, considering the best outcomes for greener lawns, the features that offer precision should be highly observed.

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Get some idea about operator experience

Now, this point of consideration relies solely on you, your accessibility to the machine, and the ease of operability by you. If you are a young and stout individual, you’ll most likely make work of any type of spreader, may it be a chest-mounted system or a broadcast unit. 

But for the seniors or individuals with movement and locomotive issues, pay total attention to the portability of the machine. Be careful not to choose something that forces you to exceed your physical limitations or causes any physical trouble.

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How is the design and build quality?

Let us be honest with here; if you ask us, you certainly do not put more emphasis on the fancy looking models. Yes, all the glitters may attract you, and you might crave for one of these machines at the first look. And it is quite evident because you want the best for your garden.

But the problem is these transparent glitters may be an alternative to hiding the flaws in the main machine. I’d suggest you look for simpler yet more effective gadgets.

Check the design, check the material quality, build quality, basic features, convenient usage, and I guess that is enough to take home your desired gadget!

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Is the price worth it?

If you are a learner, a novice or a beginner in gardening, this point is for you. Hear me out carefully!

When you are new to this hobby or passion, it is obvious you won’t have sufficient knowledge about the relevant tools and their prices as well. You need to consider value over the number of such gadgets. 

Many times, after making the purchase, the operators realize that they have just put tons of money in a lowly made, cheap quality machine. 

You don’t want to regret your decisions later, right? Hence, apart from careful inspection, putting some extra bucks in buying a better quality product is always a smarter option. 

With a few more bucks, you may get what you have wanted all these days and ultimately ensure the greenery of your lawn and garden!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the spreaders work?

Different types of spreaders have different operating functions. But the most common part would be a spray dispenser that allows uniform distribution of granules on the greens. 

However, larger models have a fan-like pattern or sprinkling manner in which they disperse the fertilizers across vast lands. These models are made such that you can hook them up or attach them to tractors or trucks to move around the entire area.

Which is the right time for fertilizer spreading?

Fertilizers will work there best when plants and grass are on their peak growth phase. It is most prominent visible after the winter when plants are leafing out. Hence, early spring or even the entire spring can be a good time for fertilizer spreading.

Which one is better: liquid or granular fertilizers? And what spreader type should I get for them?

It depends on your needs. If you have plants that require salting or de-icers, then you should use these products. For me, the organic garden fertilizers work the best.

Now, may it be liquid or granular, the handheld units work excellently for both types. Most chest-mounted groups also claim to use for both fertilizer types. However, the cart styles usually allow granular application.

Understanding the needs of your garden before getting into action is crucial. Different products will benefit your garden in different ways. You just need to know the right time of application!

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Final verdict

The items mentioned above have unique properties built exclusively for individual customer needs. I believe, after hours of comparison, analysis, and research, the products I’ve included here are among the finest in this category.

However, if I’m to mention my personal favorite for chest-mounted systems or public preference, then it would be the Solo 421 portable spreader. For your patio garden or pot plants, I would quite well suggest the Spot spreader. And when it comes to cart-styles, the Scotts Turf classic drop spreader has a good number of fans out there. 

However, these products don’t have to suffice your variety of demands as well. Hence, look into the reviews and guidelines with more attention, and find the best fertilizer spreader for your alluring garden right away!

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