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8 Best Commercial Wheelbarrow 2021

Well, you want to set up your garden on your rooftop or yard. Then garden cart is an essential tool for you. 

As a gardener, you already know what is commercial wheelbarrow. Right? A commercial wheelbarrow is the upgrade version of wheelbarrow. It can carry heavier loads easily. Some of them comes with electronic facilities. You can choose your favorite one from many types of garden cart or wheelbarrow. It is available in different sizes on the market. 

However, a commercial wheelbarrow will make your gardening hassle-free. Choose the garden cart that match to your need and budget. Picking the best garden cart or wheelbarrow isn’t an easy task. It will be really hard to choose the best one.

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Let’s know about the choosing factor of best commercial wheelbarrow. 

Choosing Factors

Eventually, I have a big garden on my own rooftop. So, I was researching about top rated garden cart or wheelbarrows. 

I was looking for a handy and budget friendly commercial wheelbarrow. I asked one of my gardener friends about commercial wheelbarrow. He said, there are some ordinary garden carts are available for individual use. You will find some best commercial garden cart or wheelbarrow on the market in an affordable price.

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So, you have to think about some features while choosing the best commercial wheelbarrow. 

  1. Light weight: You will need a handy commercial wheelbarrow. Choose the light weight garden cart to use. Because you will need it frequently. But keep in mind, you have to choose the handy one that can carry the heavy loads. 
  2. Bed material: While choosing the best one, bed material matters. I chose the light steel material. Because I need a handy commercial wheelbarrow. 

Actually, I would like to suggest the light steel in the border and polythene bed to choose. But choose the hard polythene bed. Otherwise it can’t carry the heavy loads. 

  1. Portable: Selecting the portable garden cart. So that you can carry the garden cart wheelbarrow anywhere. 

There are more specifications for choosing the garden cart wheelbarrow. But I focused on them specially. As I have the garden on my rooftop, so, I have to keep in mind that it should be handy and easy to store. 

Here we will discuss 8 best commercial wheelbarrows. Let’s begin

1. The Ames Companies, Inc M6T22 Wheelbarrow

Best Garden Cart Wheelbarrow


This is a commercial garden cart wheelbarrow. The company Ames True Temper introduces us the best quality wheelbarrow. The bed stray trays are made of heavy-duty steel. If you want to use it repeatedly, you will find a tough handle. This wheelbarrow is the first choice for professional gardener. READ MORE >>


  • This wheelbarrow has 6 cubic foot capacity. Basically, it is designed for professionals. 
  • As you know the bed material of the wheelbarrow matters. The tray of the bed made with heavy-duty high-quality steel. 
  •  It comes with 16-inch ribbed tube tire. 
  • This wheelbarrow has patented leg stabilizers. The stabilizers make of 40 percent or more tip resistant. 
  • Handles are important for garden cart wheelbarrow. You will need tough handles. So, it fortified with 60-inch heavy wood handles. 


  • Well-fitted.
  • Replacement handles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Value for money.
  • One handed included.
  • Flat tire.
  • Weak bolt.

2. True Temper Never Flat Tire Steel Wheelbarrow

best price wheelbarrow


This is a top-rated commercial wheelbarrow. Ames Companies introduces us with the best quality wheelbarrow. You will get steel handles with this wheelbarrow. It works really well. One of my gardener friends using it. However, we all need a smart cart wheelbarrow. So, you can go for it. READ MORE >>


  • The wheelbarrow has 6 cubic foot. This is the standard size of foot for wheelbarrow.
  • It is a lightweight garden cart wheelbarrow. You can carry wheelbarrow easily.
  • Most importantly, the stray of bed is made of steel. The bed material needs to be strong enough to carry heavy loads. 
  • It comes with single wheel. You can easily move it using the wheel. 
  • This garden cart wheelbarrow provides high quality rugged steel handles. Steel handles are better than wood ones. 
  • Moreover, it has flat free tire. You will find it easy to move using the wheel.
  • The proportion of the wheelbarrow is 3 x 1 x 2.
  • However, it is a portable wheelbarrow. So, you can set it up anywhere.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Portable.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Multifaceted.
  • Well-made.
  • Hard to carry with heavy loads.

3. Wheelzbarrow Three Tire Wheelbarrow

best rated wheelbarrow


Wheelzbarrow introduces a multi functioned wheelbarrow. You will comfortable to use the wheelbarrow. It is easy to move. Because, it has three tires. This wheelbarrow is best for outdoor use. It is a hassle-free garden cart wheelbarrow. READ MORE >>


  • Well, it comes with heavy steel hand. You will have a relaxed grip on the handle.
  • You can pop up the front wheel if you want. 
  • It provides 2 rear wheels which will give stable wheels. You can spin it 360 degree. 
  • Moreover, it is fortified with three pneumatic tires. It helps you to balance your wheelbarrow. 
  • The tray of the commercial wheelbarrow is made of metal. It is capable of carrying heavy loads easily. 
  • However, it has a rear mounted braking system. It supports the placement of wheelbarrow. 
  • This wheelbarrow has 6 cubic foot metal tray.
  • It is designed for outdoor projects and use. 


  • Easy to setup.
  • Comfortable handles.
  • Three wheels.
  • Lowest price.
  • Weak bolts.

4. PAW Electric Power Assist Wheelbar

top rated wheelbarrow


If you are looking for electric wheelbarrow, then PAW comes with the electric power assist commercial wheelbarrow. It is a best rated wheelbarrow of the market.

Are you worried for the heavy loads? Then it will be a great choice. Because it can easily carry the heavy loads like dirt, sod, sands, even rocks. READ MORE >>


  • The wheelbarrow can carry 200 lbs. You can carry any heavy loads with it. 
  • It has 24 voltage battery operated system. 
  • Furthermore, the wheelbarrow comes with two individual wheels. You can move or turn it simply.
  • It has a standard 6 cubic foot poly tub. It is a rare feature of a garden cart wheelbarrow. 
  • However, the wheelbarrow has pushbutton forward and reverse control. 
  • It provides forward speed gear with power burst. It is made for use in hills. 
  • So, this wheelbarrow has rugged streel frame.
  • Chargeable battery. It provides 12 voltage battery unit.
  • It has 13-inch flat tires. 
  • Proportion of the wheelbarrow are 57 x 28 x 27.
  • It is designed for professional use. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Great battery service.
  • Best Price.
  • Hassle-free.
  • Weak frame.
  • Hard to assemble.

5. Seymour WB-JRB Children’s Hight Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

lightweight garden wheelbarrow


Do your children loves gardening? So, Seymour introduces children’s height density poly tray wheelbarrow. Your children can also use the garden cart wheelbarrow. 

They can play with the wheelbarrow while gardening. Basically, the wheelbarrow is made for children. READ MORE >>


  • The wheelbarrow has high density poly tray. The tray is corrosion proof.
  • It is a lightweight wheelbarrow. Because, this is designed for children. 
  • This garden cart wheelbarrow is a multi-functioned. You can increase your garden space. In the meantime, you can play with your children during gardening. 
  • This commercial wheelbarrow comes with solid rubber wheel.
  • It has hardwood handles that children can use. 
  • However, the wheelbarrow has front tray braces. 
  • It provides poly and ball bearings wheel. 
  • The proportion of the garden cart are 23.2 x 9 x 17 inches.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Well-made.
  • Cheap.
  • Kid friendly.
  • High quality.
  • Large axle part.
  • Hard to hauling heavy loads.

6. The Ames M6T22BB Jackson Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow lowest price


A professional gardener always looking for strong and best price garden cart wheelbarrow. Ames companies introduces with the model of wheelbarrow. Professional will grab this one immediately. READ MORE >>


  • This is a heavy-duty commercial wheelbarrow. It is great for construction use. 
  • It has large 6 cubic foot capacity. This is a standard size of foot capacity. 
  • The garden cart wheelbarrow comes with hardwood handles for maximum leverage. 
  • However, it supports the garden cart with steel tray traces. You can haul weighty things with this garden cart. 
  • The commercial wheelbarrow has pneumatic two-ply ball bearing wheel.
  • Moreover, it provides heavy-duty corrosion-proof poly tray. 
  • The wheelbarrow has a metal bucket. It has a unique tray design.
  • It is a strong garden cart wheelbarrow. 


  • Easy to set-up.
  • Durable.
  • Professional quality.
  • Flat tire.

7. Big 4-Wheeler Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

smart cart wheelbarrow


If you are looking for a wheelbarrow for agricultural use. It is a smart cart wheelbarrow. This is a versatile and durable wheelbarrow. It has a sturdy feet capacity. It is a great choice for commercial use. READ MORE >>


  • The wheelbarrow has four wheels. Its hard to find wheelbarrow with four wheels. It helps you to balance the weight you are hauling. 
  • It has a durable container. You can carry any heavy loads or liquid, near liquids, dirt bricks and debris. 
  • However, this wheelbarrow has heavy-duty suspension. It helps to accommodate weights and balance the loads. 
  • It has 10 cubic feet capacity. This is a rare feature of wheelbarrow. You can choose from 6 cubic feet and 10 cubic feet. 
  • Moreover, it can weigh 500 pounds. 
  • It can reduce stress on your shoulders, arms, legs and back. 
  • You can choose between pneumatic or airless tires. 


  • Easy to assemble.
  • For agriculture and commercial use.
  • Well built.
  • Durable.
  • Poor quality.
  • Weak handles.

8. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly

cheap wheelbarrows for sale


Well, this is a sturdy garden cart for the professionals. It is a heavy-duty garden cart wheelbarrow. Gorilla cart introduces the exclusive model for gardeners. You can unload and move the garden cart easily. It will save your time and energy. READ MORE >>


  • This garden cart can carry 1200-pound supplies at once. You can carry anything with it.
  • It has a high strength poly tray with steel frame. 
  • The garden cart comes with 13-inch pneumatic turf tires and 5/8-inch axle. 
  • However, it provides straight padded D-shaped pull handle. The handle helps you to tackle any terrain and you can move the cart without any hassle.
  • Moreover, it is designed with 40 inch by 25-inch rush resistant poly bed and black finishing. 
  • You can simply transport the materials around your rooftop or yard while gardening. 
  • The garden cart has four wheels to balance the movement.  
  • It has a patented quick release dump specification to unload easier and faster. 


  • Comfortable grip.
  • Terrain wheels.
  • Effortless.
  • Easy to use.
  • Handy.
  • Weak axle.
  • Hard to assemble. 


Buying Guide for The Best Commercial Wheelbarrow

Its really hard to buy the right wheelbarrow for gardening. Some of the wheelbarrows are expensive to buy. Some of them can’t fulfil your requirement. But you need to choose the perfect one matching your requirement and budget. 

There are two types of wheelbarrows are available on market. Hybrid wheelbarrows and electric wheelbarrows. You need to choose your preferable one. 

Let’s discuss about the features you need to know while buying a wheelbarrow. 

  • Load tray material: This is more delicate part of the wheelbarrow. There are some kinds of tray material such as wooden, plastic or high strength polythene, fabric or metal. If you need a light weight wheelbarrow that can carry the heavier loads, then choose metal or high strength poly tray. 
  • Handle: You will need a strong handle to use wheelbarrow. Because it will help you to move the wheelbarrow easily. There are wooden and steel handles are common. Choose the handle according to your hand grip. Some of the wheelbarrows have long wood handles. These handles are easy to use. So, choose the long wooden handles. 
  • Grip: When you carry the loads, you must pressurize your hand. So, you will need a perfect rubberized grip. Pick the rubber grip. Plastic is also good. You can select the plasticized grip too. 
  • Number of wheels: This is one of the important requirements of wheelbarrow. You will find one tire, two tires of four tires in the wheelbarrow. The standard wheelbarrow has one tire. If you are looking for commercial wheelbarrow, then choose the wheelbarrow with four wheels. Four wheels help to balance the heavy loads. 
  • Tire type: You need to choose pneumatic and flat free tires. These tires are effective and value for money. 

There are more specifications you need to check. Such as ball bearings, corrosion resistant, racks to carry other garden tools and warranties.

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Final words

As a gardener, you should have a best quality garden cart wheelbarrow. A top-rated wheelbarrow will make your gardening easier and it will save your time. 

Sometimes wheelbarrows are available on sale. If your budget is low, then try to grab your favorite one on sale. Choosing a perfect commercial wheelbarrow can be blessing for your gardening life.

Check out specifications before buying your commercial wheelbarrow. Make sure you will buy the good quality wheelbarrow on your budget. 

Keep gardening. Take care.

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